Improving Your Basic Skills

Improve your skills by gaining EXP.
Divide EXP to attack skills, blocking skills or magic skills to extend what you can do.


At the blacksmith stand in particular place in the stage,
you can strengthen/fix equipment.

There are 2 ways to strengthen:
Sharpen blade or make it unbreakable.
Make an original weapon by run over blacksmithing!

Magical stones

When your equipment has slots,
you are able to append to equipment by setting magic stone.
For example, using a magic stone on the wand gives a new magic.

Find your own combination of magic stones!

Cooking & Concocting

You can cook special meals that give you positive effect at the cooking stand. Edibles are non-perishable when it's cooked.
The list of special meals will be added when player's cooking level was risen.
At the cooking stand, you can also concoct medicines.

Reading Books

New skills will be added when an explorer read books at the book stand.

In the Monster Book, you are able to read enemy's weak point or drops by setting Soul Stones.

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