Sword Skills: The test of experience as an explorer

Sword attacks are the most useful skills.
Defeat the enemies by powerful combos.
Enforce the attacking skills by appending attribute power such as Fire or Thunder.

Each sword has its durability and it will break when it hit a limit.
You need to fix a sword before it breaks.


Bows are used not only for attacking enemies from long-distance, but also for activating mechanics in the stage.
There are variety of bows such as a poisonous bow or a magic blocking bow.

Number of bows that can be carried once has limit.

Various Magic

Many kinds of magic such as fire, thunder will be strong ammunition.
With magic, you can also enforce/heal yourself.

Magic are powerful although, it consumes MP and you need certain point of INT.

Attacks with Items

Throwing Flame bottles or bombs are powerful.
An unexpected item might be enemy's weak point.
There are medicines that increase explorer's power temporarily.
These will also help your battle.

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