Choose Your Protagonist from 8 Playable Characters

Each playable character has different strength in the begining.
Also, each has its own ability.

Royal Knight : Ignores equipment requirements.
Forest Hunter : Heal when poisoned.
Popular Merchant : Enemies drop more items.
Innocent Prisoner : High strength, and don't get hungry often.

An army marches on its stomach.

Hunger undermines strength of explorers.
Hunger can be removed by eating/drinking something.

Meat, fish, egg, mushrooms…There are many kinds of edibles in hell. Delicious food gives an explorer special effects however, eating poor diet effects an explorer's preference.

Collecting a Soul

When an explorer dies, a soul remains at the place of its death.
To collect a soul, another explorer with Death Contract has to go back to the point.

Therefore, it is not easy to collect a lost soul.

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