GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Steam Patch notes localization v2.01 “After Story B” and Updates (June 15th)

The much anticipated “After Story B” is now out on Steam! Users can watch the new Story chapter “After Story B” after applying this patch.
Also, we have included several other performance fixes for better overall gameplay experience.
The main features of this patch are as follows:

[i]*Users will need to purchase the “GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Upgrade” DLC to access the After Stories. Also, users will need to clear the main Story mode first. [/i]
-Tweaked general online features of the game for better stability.

We have also fixed the following issues:
– When accessing the Training Mode while using Elphelt in her Arrange Costume “Elphelt -SIGN- Ver.”, upon changing characters using the in-mode pause menu, the game crashed.
– During Rank Match entry, upon setting the Training Environment to “Previous Environment”, the user will disconnect upon matching up with an opponent during Training mode.
– In Lobby/Player Match, pressing “Confirm” button while sitting at a game cabinet and having the chat window maximised will both confirm the match and chat message at the same time, causing inconvenience.

We are continuing to improve the functionality of the game to provide the maximum play experience for the users.
Please do look forward to it.