ARC WORLD TOUR FINALS 2022 Finalist Interviews UMISHO


Arc System Works will host the finals of the “ARC WORLD TOUR 2022” to be held on March 11, 2023 (PST). The finalists who will participate in the finals are introduced in the form of interviews.

This time we introduce Razer/UMISHO,a player in the Guilty Gear -Strive- !

アークシステムワークスは、2023年3月12日(日本時間)に「ARC WORLD TOUR 2022」の決勝大会を開催します。決勝大会に参加するファイナリストをインタビュー形式でご紹介いたします。


Q1.Briefly introduce yourself.
My tag is UMISHO, and I play Guilty Gear Strive! Nice to meet you!

Q2.Tell us about your background with fighting games.
While Strive is the first fighting game I’ve competed in, I’ve been playing them casually for a couple years beforehand. First fighting game (besides Smash I guess) I ever played was actually Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code, which ironically enough I only played because I had just finished reading Tsukihime (the visual novel Melty is a spinoff of) recently! After having a blast with that I started getting into other fighting games, one of which was Guilty Gear XX (Accent Core +R specifically). Between that and Xrd, I fell in love with the series super fast, and a year or so after Strive came out I decided to try my hand at an online bracket on a whim. Didn’t get far, but it lit a spark in me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. So I kept entering, and well eventually I ended up right here! tl;dr I wouldn’t be an evo champion if I’d never read Tsukihime. Who knew that was the secret all along!

Q3.Looking back, what are your thoughts on the ARC WORLD TOUR 2022 qualifier tournaments?
Every one that I attended I had a blast at for one reason or another, and the ones I didn’t I had a blast watching. The competition was ridiculous and the tournaments were stressful as hell, but getting to hang out with, watch, and compete against all the other people I’ve come to know in this community always made it worth the anxiety in my mind. I only wish there had been more! So many players that we won’t see at the tour deserved a spot, but just couldn’t clutch out a 1st place at any of the events that we had. Everyone here deserves to be here and has earned their spot; but if there had been any opportunity at all for more players to make it one way or another, it would’ve been even better.

Q4.Which player in the finals are you keeping an eye on the most, and why?
One word; TempestNYC. Wait, is that four words technically? Okay well either way, Tempest is easily the player I’m most afraid of going into this tournament. Granted, I’m horrified of every player here, but Tempest in particular is a recurring demon of mine at events both offline and online. We’ve played eachother a LOT, and if I even want to think about winning I’ll need to be on my A+ game. If we get the chance to play, whichever way things go, it’s going to be one hell of a match.

Q5.Which character in the finals are you keeping an eye on the most, and why?
I’m tempted to say Leo or Nago purely because they’re played by my two biggest recurring bracket demons here… But I actually have my eye on Sol Badguy the most. Mocchi’s and Skyll’s, specifically. The worldwide consensus on this character has been so ambiguous and uncertain for so long, and I think this event is an amazing opportunity for people to see just what the Flame of Corruption can do in these two’s capable hands. You might be surprised at what you see! Sol can absolutely do it (and do it well), and Mocchi and Skyll show that better than anyone else.

Q6.What would you consider your specialty and appeal as a player?
Well, if you’d ask twitch chat they’d say they’d rather watch paint dry than watch me win a tournament. I don’t blame them! I don’t think I’m a very flashy or bombastic player in the slightest; and I think that’s my biggest strength. I don’t have much interest in making the crowd oooh or ahhh, and I can live without hearing my name chanted for a match or two. I’m not interested in doing anything besides what I believe I need to do to win. Whether it’s character choice, my ingame decision making, or anything else; I want to do what I think gives me the best chance of beating my opponents. Because winning is pretty fun, isn’t it, everyone?

Q7.Please share your motivation for the finals tournament and a word for the fans.
Motivation is a hard thing for me. The worst trap I fall into as a player and as a person is feeling like I have something to prove to myself or others. Especially since evo, it’s something I’ve been struggling with; the expectation that I should keep winning, since I just won the biggest thing in the scene yet! Ironically it’s caused me to both play and perform worse, as well as add a big dose of anxiety on top. For that reason, going into this tournament, my only motivation is this: play how I want to play, trust my instincts, and above all return to being that player who didn’t feel like she had to prove anything to anyone. Because I don’t have anything to prove. Not to you, not to me, not to anyone. I’m here to compete. And come what may, at least I can say that I did it my way. Please look forward to it.

Q8.Finally, please share a free comment!
Uhhhhh, lemme think… oh, read Robotics;Notes! And also all those other silly semicolon visual novels (they’re called the science adventure series)! They’re pretty good! Chaos;Child is my favorite! But I mentioned Robotics;Notes in particular cause you’d get to find out where I got my tag from! Hopefully ArcSys management doesn’t mind me hijacking this questionnaire to shill some of my favorite games, hehe…


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GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-のプレイヤー、UMISHOです!よろしくお願いします!

大会に出た格ゲーはGGSTが初めてですが、数年前からカジュアルに遊んでいました。実は、スマブラ以外で初めて遊んだ格ゲーはMELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Codeでした。ちょっと面白いことにそれも原作である「月姫」を遊んでいたのがきっかけでした。メルブラがすごく楽しかったからほかの格ゲーも遊ぶようになりました。その中の一つはGUILTY GEAR XX(AC+R)でした。それとXrdを遊んですぐにGGシリーズのファンになりました。GGST発売から1年後くらいでオンライン大会に参加してみようと思いました。その時はそこまで結果は出せなかったのですが、久しぶりに熱くなってやる気が出ました。それでまた大会にエントリーするようになり、ここまでたどり着けました! まあ、簡単にいうと「月姫」をやっていなかったらEVO覇者になれませんでした。ちょっと意外な小噺?

Q3.ARC WORLD TOUR 2022の予選大会を振り返って感想を聞かせて下さい。


大会で一番苦戦しているキャラであるレオか名残雪と言いたいところですが… 実は一番注目しているのはソル=バッドガイ。特にもっちー選手とSkyll選手のソル。いろんな国でキャラの強さに関する意見が分かれたりずっと曖昧な状態で、今回の大会は二人のプレイヤーが使った「背徳の炎」の真価を見れるいい機会だと思います。びっくりするかもしれませんよ!ソルなら絶対やれるし、もっちー選手とSkyll選手であれば誰よりも上手くやってくれるに違いありません。

もしtwitchのコメントに聞いてみたら、私が大会で優勝するところを観るよりもペンキが乾いていく様を観ている方がいいと言うでしょう。それも無理はないですね!決してプレイヤーとして派手な動きを見せるわけではないけど、それが自分の一番の強みでもあると思います。視聴者が喜んだり騒いだりするような動きにはあまり興味がないし、会場の声援が自分の名前を呼んでくれなくとも特に気にしません。勝つために必要だと判断した動き以外をしようと思いません。キャラ選びから試合内容まで、少しでも勝率が高くなる選択を常に選びたいです。 だって、勝つことって結構楽しいよね。そう思いませんか、皆さん?

私にとってモチベーションは難しいものです。 私がプレイヤーとしても人としても陥った最悪な罠は、自分自身や他者に対して何かを証明しなければならないと思ってしまうことです。 特にEVO以降から、競技シーンで一番大きな舞台で勝ったのだから勝ち続けるべきだという期待に悩まされるようになった。皮肉なことにそれが原因でプレイやパフォーマンスの低下に加え、大きな不安を味わうことになった。 だから、このトーナメントでの唯一のモチベーションはこうです。 「自分のやりたいようにプレイしろ、自分の直感を信じろ、そして何よりも誰かに何かを証明しなければいけないと感じていなかった時のあのプレイヤーに戻れ。だって私には証明するものがないから。あなたにも、私にも、誰に対しても。私は戦うためにここにいる。そして何があろうと、少なくとも自分のやり方でやったと言えるようにする。」 どうぞご期待ください。

うん~と、どうしようかな…あ、ぜひROBOTICS;NOTESを遊んでみてください!あとあと、「;」がタイトルに入っている「科学アドベンチャーシリーズ」のゲームを全部!面白いですよ!特にCHAOS;CHILDが私のお気に入りです!私のプレイヤーネームの由来なのでまずはROBOTICS;NOTESを薦めようと思いました。 このインタビューで好きなゲームを宣言することを、アークさんが許してくれるといいんだけど…