ARC WORLD TOUR FINALS 2022 Finalist Interviews MysticSmash


Arc System Works will host the finals of the “ARC WORLD TOUR 2022” to be held on March 11, 2023 (PST). The finalists who will participate in the finals are introduced in the form of interviews.

This time we introduce Vexed Gaming/MysticSmash, a player in the DNF Duel!
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アークシステムワークスは、2023年3月12日(日本時間)に実施される「ARC WORLD TOUR 2022」の決勝大会を開催します。決勝大会に参加するファイナリストをインタビュー形式でご紹介いたします。

今回はDNF Duel部門のVexed Gaming/MysticSmash選手を紹介!


Q1.Briefly introduce yourself.
Hello! My name is Callum White, or “MysticSmash” and I represent Vexed Gaming as a fighting game player. I’m from Liverpool, England and have always had a love for the fighting game genre since I was quite young. I was not able to travel to offline events for a very long time due to other commitments, and it was mostly from 2020 that I was able to become a competitor through online competitions.

Q2.Tell us about your background with fighting games.
My background for fighting games is varied! I enjoy just about any 2D fighting game and if given the opportunity will try it and have fun with them. My first experience of fighting games was as a child watching my parents play them, and I eventually would also try those same fighting games. Due to being varied, I have been able to make a lot of friends and a lot of lovely experiences through a lot of different communities in the FGC.

Q3.Looking back, what are your thoughts on the ARC WORLD TOUR 2022 qualifier tournaments?
Thankfully, I was able to attend quite a few ARC WORLD TOUR 2022 qualifier tournaments (EVO, VSFighting, CEOtaku, The MIXUP) and had an amazing time at all of them. The level of competition at every qualifier tournament was spectacular and had emotions running high. I can only hope that they are expanded upon in the future, such as more placements for the Finals, or a ‘points’ system for more incentive to travel to multiple qualifiers!

Q4.Which player in the finals are you keeping an eye on the most, and why?
The player in my Finals for DNF Duel I will be keeping the sharpest eye on is Kikyochan. He has an extraordinary mastery with the Ranger that I would be nervous to play against again. The Ranger. In my opinion, is very hard to make a solid game-plan around, and his keep-away playstyle makes it irritating for my characters to engage.

Q5.Which character in the finals are you keeping an eye on the most, and why?
As for character, the answer can be Ranger, but also the Crusader. After the DNF Duel Grand Patch, the character Crusader has gotten a lot of popularity amongst many players, and I believe GO1 will be representing the character at the Finals, and maybe others? He will be an unstoppable force!

Q6.What would you consider your specialty and appeal as a player?
My specialty as a player may be my reserved playstyle. I am often told that I do not commit to risky options and play passively, yet effectively. In other titles, such as Guilty Gear Strive, I gained appeal as a character specialist playing Axl Low, and I hope to garner the same reputation at the Finals when I play Vanguard!

Q7.Please share your motivation for the finals tournament and a word for the fans.
This Finals for DNF Duel is going to be the biggest stakes tournament I have been a participant in, and my excitement for it is immeasurable! No matter what, I will feel honoured to be amongst the greatest players of the game and know that I worked very hard to get to that stage. I hope that I can do the United Kingdom proud and bring home the win for those who will be cheering me on!

Q8.Finally, please share a free comment!
One last thing I can say is that my journey would not be possible without my wonderful partner Layla, who motivates me every day and is always by my side. I love you!


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はじめまして、Vexed Gaming所属の格闘ゲームプレイヤーのCallum White・MysticSmashです。イギリスのLiverpool出身で、若いころからずっと格闘ゲームが好きでした。忙しくてしばらくオフライン大会までの移動が難しい状況でして、2020年のオンライン大会のおかげで参加できる機会が増えました。


Q3.ARC WORLD TOUR 2022の予選大会を振り返って感想を聞かせて下さい。
ありがたいことに、ARC WORLD TOUR2022の予選大会にいくつか参加できました(EVO、VSFighting、CEOtaku、The MIXUP)。本当に楽しい大会ばっかりでした。すべての予選大会は強豪プレイヤーが多く、かなり緊張しました。今後のAWTで決勝大会の出演選手が増えたり、複数の予選大会に参加される選手が自然と増えるようにポイント制のシステムなどで、どんどんと規模が大きくなることを願っています!




今回のDNF Duelの決勝大会は自分が今まで参加した大会の中で一番賞金などがかかっている大会で、伝えきれないほど楽しみにしています!結果はどうなっても、DNF Duelの最強プレイヤーの一人として参加できたことを光栄に思っていますし、この舞台に立てるように自分が努力を重ねてきたのも間違いないです。イギリスで応援してくれている皆様のために優勝したいです!