EVO Online 2020 中止につきまして

ENGLISH translation copy is here.

The Evolution Championship Series(以下、EVO)より、Evo Online 2020の中止が発表されました。
アークシステムワークスはTony Cannon氏を中心とした新しい経営体制で再出発するEVOの決定を尊重致します。



2020年7月3日 アークシステムワークス株式会社


Regarding the Cancellation of EVO Online 2020

The EVOLUTION Championship Series (EVO) recently announced the cancellation of EVO Online 2020 and we respect their decision to restart under the new leadership with Tony Cannon.

Abusive behavior has no place anywhere in the world. We appreciate the swift action that EVO has taken to begin rebuilding the trust of the competitors and fans. However, there is much more work to be done to help make every event safe and welcoming for everyone.

We would like to continue to work with the members of our community and offer our support and cooperation in achieving this goal.

July 3, 2020
Arc System Works Co., Ltd.