MAGICALBEAT~Connect the Pieces on the Beat~

Characters & BGM

Original Characters

There are thirteen colorful pixel-art characters to enjoy in the game.
And, they'll groove to the music.

Original Characters

Additional Characters

Characters from “BlazBlue” and “Xblaze Code: Embryo” join the world of Magical Beats!

“BlazBlue” Characters

Additional Characters BLAZBLUE

“Xblaze Code: Embryo” Characters

Additional Characters XBLAZE


The main BGM will be arranged by the famed Kikuo-san, who made a name for himself on Nico Nico.

Sound Sample 【 #1 】

THE BEAUTIFUL MAGIC composed by Kikuo

※Be careful of loud volumes.

Sound Sample 【 #2 】

TUNTUN-MOONLIGHT composed by Kikuo

※Be careful of loud volumes.


Additional BGM

“Guilty Gear” BGM

曲 名 BPM
Nothing Out Of The Ordinary 220
D.O.A. 160
Keep The Flag Flying 126
Launch Out 120
Keep In Gates 145
Feal A Fear 120
Keep Yourself Alive II 120
Holy Orders 122
A Simple Life 162
Writhe In Pain 130

“BlazBlue” BGM

曲 名 BPM
Chrono Phantasma 138
Memory Of Tears II 138
Under Heaven Destruction 131
Rebellion 247
Bullet Dance 125
Condemnation Wings 128
Blood Pain II 147
Catus Carnival 127
Thin RED Line 166
Active Angel 141
Alexandrite 134
White Requiem II 140
X-Matic II 168
Lust SIN 110
Gluttony Fang 207
Queen of rose 144
Marionette Purple 130
Susanooh II 128
Reppu II 170


曲 名 BPM
Azure Maiden 130
The Sprint 145
Viridian Tranquility 61
Unbreakable Resolve 140
Time of Death 140
Follower Bathed in Blood 170
Crimson Heart 110
Torrent of Emotions 170
Chaotic Beast 133
Serenity 120
Curry Shop: Maha Raja 120
Enigmatic Smile 140
Amethyst Priestess 85
The World Sings for You 160

BGM marked “※” will be unlocked as you progress through the game.