The page turns on the final chapter of the tale of the Hollow Night...

Stars align along the celestial coil.
The Hollow Night shatters upon the mortal realm.
Time silently melts away as captured souls amass around a single subjugator.

Hilda the Paradox, the witch once known as the strongest being alive, had sought complete subjugation.
However, her ambition was halted, her dreams crushed.
A single defiant, wielding the key of the Night, Insulator, left her plans in tatters.

Gradually did the commotion of the Night subside, and peace seemed to be within sight.
Lurking within the shadows, however, was the true foe...
Waiting, biding their time, until at long last came the chance to fulfill their deepest desire.
Kuon, the "Eternal Re-Birth."

Upon the corpses of countless In-Births does he announce his advent under the cover of twilight:

"When next the Night arrives, mankind shall be branded with the mark of ruin.
Flames will soar from the depths, razing the earth in a heptad of hellfire until the Night consumes all.
Cosmic collapse is nigh. Soon, the Immortalize will commence..."

A wall divides the realms.
And yet this man seeks to pierce the veil in a quest for ultimate vengeance.
And should he succeed, an infinite emptiness threatens to return all to nothing.
Ruin, extinction, despair... Oblivion awaits.

In-Births rise in retaliation, concerned for the fate of their world.
Although their goals may differ, the blight that is Kuon must be stopped before his evil takes root.

Sever the cycle. An end to the endless.
May the tale of these countless Nights be concluded,
on this eve, the moment of destiny.