In "Of Mice and Sand: Revised", lead a band of mice across the vast and barren desert while salvaging junks found in your journey. Seek out "El Dorado", a mythical land of gold, only known as a legend passed down for generations within the Mouse Clan.


The old and worn out "Desert Ship"

is where the mice will work, eat, sleep, and work again... it is their home. It is where they live, and where they will die.


There are heaps of junks scattered across this planet.

Shipwrecks, stained cloths, carcasses, rotten cacti... Selling these rubbish will not make you rich. Therefore you need to "Craft"! Transform junks to treasures! Build rooms, start crafting and sell your works. Craft materials, and build more useful rooms. Crafting! The only, yet greatest weapon in your arsenal to survive in the unforgiving desert! The scraps that you have gathered will be your lifeline during your journey into the unknown!


There are monsters, with strength to destroy ships with ease, lurking in the desert.

Despite their cute appearance, they are aggressive and violent. Encountering them means the start of a battle. It's do or die! Load the "turrets" with "ammo"! Swiftly repair any damages sustained! The outcome of the battle will be decided by the amount of supply, and all supplies can be crafted. Crafting is everything.


Paths that you have once passed through could be obstructed for unknown reasons...

In the desert, many mysterious events await your band of mice. They might have to seek out an oasis to gather water, or they might step on a land mine, or they might even have to dive into a pile of dung head first... The path of the deserts are ever-changing, with countless trials and tribulations ahead!