New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers


Your humble pioneers

Give your Pioneers commands and let them build your town!

Awaiting orders! Moving to designated spot! May also ride animals to move.

Obtain Resources from Trees, Stone Mines, animals and Water!Put them to work in buildings, and you can then take advantage of the building's uses!

Building Types

Different buildings carry different purposes. Use them effectively!

Small House: Increases maximum pioneer population count. Kitchen: Does the cooking and convert resources into Food. Flour Mill: Convert Wheat into Food. Field: Grows Wheat and Vegetables.

Market: Buy and Sell resources here. Fishing Boat: Allow for more efficient fish gathering. Factory: Helps in building other buildings.

Bench: If you're tired from walking, rest! Flower Bed: A beautiful city needs flowers! Sheep Icon: A cute statue of a sheep. Well: Water is vital! Scarecrow: Looking at it makes you want to hit it.

You can change the angle of your buildings in all 4 directions! Get your designer juices out and place them however you like it!

Invention cards to aid your townbuilding

As you progress with building the town, you may obtain
Invention Cards with various effects.
290 and more cards are available. Use them wisely!

Invention cards

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