Slice, Dice & Rice

Nintendo Switch 2018 September

About The Game

Every duel, a fleeting moment.

Every blow, equals instant death---
No health, no guard, just blood and battle.
An instant kill Fighting Game.

The battle for "Divine Rice" is
about to begin...



The Samurai from Hell

After a lifetime of war and combat, Kojiro finds himself cast into Hell where he wanders, searching for just one more duel, one more opponent to satisfy his hunger for carnage.


Fallen Demonic Monk

Turned into a Yokai with a bird-like form, he roamed the countryside in search of food, to alleviate his brooding, dark mood.


The Great-great Grand Daughter of Genghis Khan

In her youth, she swore a vow, she would marry the man who bests her in combat. Even to this day in the afterlife, she is still looking for her groom.


Guardian of the Temple

A loyal and duitiful monk whos duty is to guard the temple of sacred rice. He has protected the holy rice from demons for millenia.


Shinigami's Right Hand

A faithful servant of the lord of hell, her duty is to do her master's bidding and remove anyone that gets in her way.


Lord of Hell

Once a great tactician and general in life, he has ascended and claimed the throne of Hell for himself in the afterlife. Ruler of the underworld, there is no soul that dares to defy his rule.


Wandering Samurai

A samurai that does anything for hire. Skilled with the way of the sword, he was unmatched by anyone other than Kojiro, who he consider as his rival.


Great Sage, Equal of Heaven

An ancient god with unrivaled strength, he does whatever he likes whenever he goes. Sick and tired with the current state of Hell, he went off on a journey to spread chaos.


The controls in "Slice, Dice & Rice" are simple and intuitive, and all attacks in the game are done with a single button press. No need for complex inputs and difficult combos!

Horizontal Slash

A fast slash attack with little opening.

Vertical Slash

An anti-air slash attack.

Strong Attack

Unleash a powerful blow that is unparryable.

There are no blocks in "Slice, Dice & Rice" unlike traditional fighting games. However, there are many defensive options available for the player to defend themselves from incoming attacks.


A clash will occur when both players’ attack happens at the same time.


Gain advantage over the opponent by parrying their attacks.

The "Shingan" System assist player in dealing with an incoming attack. It warns the player when the opponent is attacking, and slows down time to make parrying attacks easier.

"Shingan" System

When "Shingan" is activated, your character will flash red and time will slow down.
*You can change the "Shingan" symbol to "Unagi" symbol under the Options menu!


Slice, Dice & Rice
Network Functionality
Online Network Battles, Rankings
One-hit Kill Fighting Game
ESRB: 17+ / PEGI: 18 / USK: 16
Release Date
Nintendo Switch™:September 6,2018
PlayStation®4:February 14, 2018
Nintendo Switch™
PlayStation®4 Download Software
USD $17.99
Nintendo Switch PS4