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Registration is closed.

Guilty Gear -Strive- Closed Beta Test (CBT)

In order to test worldwide network functionality, we will be conducting a Closed Beta Test for Guilty Gear Strive.
Participants in the closed beta test will have first access to test [Online Match] functionality.
When the online network test is not running, participants can still play the [VS COM] game mode.
We humbly request the participation of Guilty Gear fans, and fighting game fans, to help us conduct this test.

Application Period : March 18th, 2020, 19:00 - April 5th, 2020, 07:59(PDT) / March 19th, 2020, 03:00 - April 5th, 2020, 14:59(UTC)
Application Results : From April 12th, 2020, 23:00(PDT) / April 13th, 2020, 06:00(UTC), we will contact you via the e-mail address you specified during your application.

You can find the play guide for the closed beta below:

Starter Guides

Closed Beta Specifications

English, Japanese, Korean (in accordance to your PS4®’s settings)
Playable characters:
Sol, Ky, May, Axl, Chip, Potemkin, Faust. (7 characters).
Regional separation:
separate versions for Japan, North America, Europe and Asia (Japan excluded)
Please apply for the same region as your PSN® account. You will not be able to redeem codes from different regions.
Although the current beta test build is using a similar delay-based netcode from previous titles, a rollback-based netcode is currently in development for the final product of the game.

*These specifications differ from those of the final product. Thank you for your understanding.

Application requirements

・Own a PlayStation®4 connected to a working internet service.
*An active Playstation®Plus account is NOT required.
・Agree to the terms of use below.


Thank you for applying for the closed beta test of “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-”.

To participate in the closed beta test of “GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-” (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”), you must agree to the following points defined by Arc System Works, Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “ARC”).
If you are a minor, be sure to check this agreement with your legal representative (parents, guardian, etc.) and obtain the consent of your legal representative before accepting this agreement.

Regarding this closed beta test
  • This closed beta test‘s purpose is to test the servers’ operational functions and its capability for the Service. Some of the Service’s functions are not available.
  • The date of the closed beta test and its contents are subject to change without notice.
  • You can play the closed beta test free of charge, but you will be responsible for your internet/communication fees.
  • All data gathered and used during the closed beta test will be deleted after the test is complete. This data cannot be transferred over to the official live service for the final product.
  • Whether the official service is ready or not to go live, its functions, its pricing, or its starting date and hour will remain solely for ARC to determine.

Regarding the termination of the closed beta test and the reinitializing of played data
  • During this closed beta test, you may find yourself experiencing the instability of the actions in-game or find yourself unable to connect to the server or unable to play smoothly.
  • Pauses or interruptions of the Service may occur without notice due to maintenance, malfunctions or network failures.
  • Along with program updates, all or part of the played data may be reinitialized or the game balance may significantly be changed without notice.

About reporting bugs and errors
  • If you encounter any errors or other problems with the Service, please report them to the contact address below.
  • In principle, we will not send replies to reports of bugs and errors received during the closed beta test period unless we deem it necessary. Please note that we may need time to respond if we determine that a response is required.

<GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Bugs & Reports>

About intellectual property rights
  • All rights, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, related to the Service belong to ARC or a third party from whom ARC has obtained their license.

Concerning the handling of information
  • All the rights concerning information collected in the framework of this closed beta test, such as comments, feedback, bug reports, and other information received from users through the closed beta test, are attributed to ARC to use for further game development and operating.
  • During the closed beta test period, ARC shall be able to automatically obtain information on your hardware, software and other environment data without your individual consent with the purpose of evaluating and improving the Service.

Regarding the use of copyrighted work
  • The use of images and videos of the gameplay of the Service on the Internet is allowed as long as they do not violate public order and morals.

Prohibited uses
  • The following acts or potentially applicable acts are strictly forbidden.
    If ARC confirms the act concerned, ARC will take measures such as restricting functionalities and suspension of use. In addition, ARC shall solely determine which measure is applicable to which case.
    (1) Criminal acts or acts against public order and morals
    (2) Acts that infringe rights, honor, privacy, etc. of ARC or third parties
    (3) Providing false information or using the Service for unauthorized purposes
    (4) Unauthorized access to the server of the Service, data theft, use of programs that cause software to perform illegal processing, acquisition of information using tools, etc., or obtaining advantage in the Service through wrongdoing.
    (5) Acts that benefit yourself or a third party or that cause prejudice to ARC or a third party by using any malfunction of the Service, etc.
    (6) Acts that hinder or slander this closed beta test
    (7) Reprint, copy, modify, store or transfer the contents of the Service
    (8) Use the Service for for-profit activities
    (9) Act of disclosing unpublished information about the Service to third parties other than ARC
    (10) Acts that violate the Terms of this very agreement
    (11) Other acts that ARC deems inappropriate

  • ARC is not liable for any prejudice resulting from the use or failure to use the service.

About the handling of personal information
  • ARC will securely retain the customer's personal information obtained through the closed beta test, (i.e. the identification information and/or the IP address obtained through (Cookie) technology, and strictly handle this data in accordance to what is specified in “Handling of personal information” and its "Privacy Policy". ARC will use such information for the purposes specified below:
    (1) For the providing of service and its subsequent communication
    (2) For management of registration data (including management of prepaid payment information)
    (3) For shipping products, prizes, etc.
    (4) E-mail newsletter (including advertisements) and other service information
    (5) To conduct a survey
    (6) For statistical research and data analysis
    (7) To respond to prohibited uses
    (8) For user support

  • ARC may provide third parties with customer usage information obtained through the closed beta test, without identifying individuals.

Regarding changes brought to this agreement
  • ARC may change the contents of this agreement at any time without giving notice to the user. You shall periodically review the terms of this agreement, even without notice from ARC, and you will be liable for any prejudice if you do not acknowledge any changes to these Terms of use.

  • If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, ARC requires you immediately stop using the Service. If you continue to use the Service after a change is brought to the terms of this agreement, we will consider that you have accepted this change.

Arc System Works, Co. Ltd.
March 19th 2020

The following users need not apply

All users who replied to our surveys during events where we showcased our demo version, and applied for priority access to our closed beta test need not apply.
Your space in the closed beta test has already been confirmed, and recorded.
We will begin contacting qualifying participants via e-mail after April 12th, 2020, 22:00(PDT) / April 13th, 2020, 06:00(UTC)

CBT Schedule

  • [PDT]

    April 15th
    CBT available to download (Time to begin may vary)
    April 16th
    20:00 Server start of service (Offline mode available)
    April 17th
    20:00 - 24:59 Online Testing (1)
    April 18th
    12:00 - 16:59 Online Testing (2)
    April 19th
    03:00 - 07:59 Online Testing (3)
  • [UTC]

    April 16th
    CBT available to download (Time to begin may vary)
    April 17th
    03:00 Server start of service (Offline mode available)
    April 18th
    03:00 - 07:59 Online Testing (1)
    19:00 - 23:59 Online Testing (2)
    April 19th
    10:00 - 14:59 Online Testing (3)


While the server is active, you may play the Online VS COM mode.
While the Online Testing is active, you may access the lobby to play the Online Match mode.

*This schedule might change without prior notice. In case of changes, please refer to our official Twitter feed@ArcSystemWorksU and feel free to follow us for further notifications.

Registration is closed.