NINJIN: Clash of Carrots

Hi-speed Ninja Dashing Action!!!!

Buy now and be a ninja! Check out the free demo!


A long long time ago during the warring states period……

… waitasec, is THIS the warring states you're talking about!? Well whatever. This is a time where samurais and ninjas and rabbits live together. A dark shadow looms over the otherwise peaceful rabbit village! What is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane!? It's... the evil forces of Shogun Moe!! And now, our heroes must chase after the plundered carrots...


Go, AKAI!!!

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Ninja Rabbit NINJIN

Ninja Fox AKAI


Side scrolling! Hi-speed!! Ninja action!!!

Run like never before in the forced side scrolling stages, cut down foes who stand in your way with your SWORD, and shoot down all those pestering you with the free-aim SHURIKEN! Can you beat all 26 stages!?

We have OVER 100! weapons for you to choose!

Gather all the SWORDS! Find all them SHURIKENS! Change your visual appearance with these MASKS and there's even ARTIFACTS with ancient powers to boot!! Find your strongest combination and show it off!!

It's Oni TV Show time baby!!

Show off your ninja skills in the Oni TV Show! You start off from scratch with absolutely nothing, and collect your equipments as you proceed with the stages. Almost ROGUE-LIKE if you ask me! There's ENDLESS replay value!!!!!

It's Oni TV Show time baby!!
C'mon competitors!!


Play with your friends.

Whether ONLINE or OFFLINE… You can play ALL STAGES together!! Including the Oni TV Show!!


NINJIN: Clash of Carrots
1500 yen (Incl. tax)
Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4
Release date
April 25th, 2019
Side-scrolling Ninja-dashing action
File size
English / Japanese / Chinese / Korean / Portuguese / Spanish / French / German / Italian